Affirmations can be used to change your thinking and change your life!

Your mind is so powerful, what you think you create, as you speak becomes your fate.

Positivity cannot be overlooked the power ignites the soul and will combat any form of negativity.

You are in control of your health, life and every affirmation in your head.

With good intensions and positive vibes the success and happiness in your life cannot be denied.


– Affirmations –
I am empowered to express myself, to appreciate
myself and to accept myself unconditionally. Self-love
secures me and heals any discord or limited thinking.
What has gone before now is dissolved and not a part
of today. Now is my time and my turn to successfully
demonstrate a greater abundance of love, health,
happiness and wealth. I believe in the One all-sustaining
power of good that governs my life and
affairs. I am grateful for the complete and perfect out
picturing of this Truth right now.



“I am filled with gratitude, love and understanding.

Every experience I have is PERFECT for me and my journey.”

JM xx



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