– Core Conditioning –

Core for all – Oh man how I miss core exercises of any shape or form, it is hard for me not to do what I used to in the gym being pregnant and then to also find motivation, damn its pretty challenging I must admit. It is a work out in its self adjusting to baring a child, the body is pretty amazing, I’m sore on most days regardless of a workout so this is doing me good for now..

I have always been a heavy lifter, maxing out was my thing, you know “sweating like a man type of gal”! Whether it was Crossfit,  A Body building regime, MMA training, yoga, Zumba man my list is extensive and I will always be willing to try something new to challenge myself.. I love that shit… If it doesn’t hurt it ain’t good enough – For me that is, If I ain’t sore- it just didn’t cut it.. My mentality, My Flow.

It is always vital to know what works for you and the things you hate most, you need to push through and do them (same applies with food), that is when you grow and your body develops, usually when least expected –

You hate doing core? Do it Anyway, this wont mean you have instant Abs either of course, you eat right for abs and do high interval training combined with core conditioning for maximum results.

Stay consistent to reach your Goals.

Basic finisher here:

  • V-ups
  • Toe touches
  • Ankle taps
  • Crunch (legs elevated)

25 reps, 5 sets – 30 second rest between sets if need be.

Tips: exhale on execution, always keep a neutral spine, stay tight in the back and core at all times stay activated, do not over tense your neck, if it hurts have a rest, remember technique over everything!

If your feeling super advanced you can practice your handstands against all wall, be careful here locking elbow and keeping tight all through is very important.

100 repetitions minimum  as a finisher after any work out.

Then my Favorite a good stretch, yoga style poses here.

  • Child’s Pose – toes touching, knees on the ground spread as far apart as you can, hands straight out in from of you, reaching out as far as possible.
  • Down ward facing dog – on all fours, raise Ur hips up to the sky, planting your palms down into the earth, drop your head down and draw your chin in towards your chest
  • The cobra – lay facing down, plant your hands on the floor and look up to the sky


Thank you.

Jade – Goalsbysj


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