Comp Body Vs Baby Bod

Currently at the 14 week mark of pregnancy, food is everything, mood swings are on an all time high, totally on point!  (shout out to my husband for dealing with me) I feel pretty good most days, no sickness at all just fatigue and finding a comfy position at bed time can be a pain.Working, training and trying to eat as well as possible but lets face it I’m gonna attend to these cravings and this raging hunger inside me.

Everyday my body changes a little bit more, I can swear I could see my belly moving from our little baby inside, just the other night, knowing there is so much more to come……


I never thought this could be such a special, rather extraordinary experience, I was the person that always said I wont get married or have kids, look at me now.. Just the thought of knowing you are capable of having life inside you, that you created with the love of your spouse, to bare a little human inside of you for 9 months, leaves me breathless, literally!


So Funny how time and people can change your way of thought and life …

I can say thought, this by far exceeds my achievement of competing with the satisfaction of knowing exactly what my body is capable of, what I need to do to maintain and control my self best as possible to be best the best version on me.

I love this experience so far, I am in love with my baby belly and soooooo grateful for my smooth transition thus far.

God is good xx

Progress – 14 weeks and counting….


IMG_0142.JPG An Additional 10-15 Kgs >> to the right Baby! I had already gained a good 10kg pre-pregnancy so thats a 5 kgs increase just from baby, stay posted for more baby blogs, pregnancy work outs, all things baby..



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