Work Out 0.1 – Heart Starter 18 – 8 – 4



  • Dead lift
  • Squat

Repetitions – 18 – 8 – 4


As much as we want you to push yourself, we need you to please ensure you focus on technique throughout the two movements, squatting and dead lifting if not executed correctly can result in injury, just as any type of movement will.

I have picked these two basic every day movements purely because we do these movements all the time without realisation.

You can undergo this work out using body weight or with additional weight.

  • Barbell
  • Kettlebell
  • Dumbbells
  • Med balls

Two movements for a total of 18 – 8 – 4 so…

18 squats followed by 18 deadlifts, 8 squats 8 deadlifts then 4 squats and 4 dead lifts all reps without resting.

Goal – as hard as you can with minimal rest, the aim of the game is to increase the heart rate and much as possible to gain maximum results and burn all those calories.

Please ensure you seek professional advice before you try this high intensity workout if you have any history of health issues.

Warm up and cool downs are essential, we cannot express it enough 5-10 minutes minimum!


Not only does this slow down and decrease your muscle soreness, it helps tone and increases your flexibility.



Our favourite core workouts..

Coming soon



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