C h A n G e πŸŒ¬

imageFor as long as I can remember, I have loved all the many factors that come with change.

Sometimes we struggle and need reassurance, constantly looking for reasons why.

Change, embrace it, use it to your advantage be selfish yet always considerate of your surroundings.

At the prime age of 30 (yes, I said Thirtttttayyy) my life is about to change pretty damn significantly, from body building to bearing a child, my emotions vary from excited to anxious with knowing this change has been a long time coming, I can’t wait to see where this process will take us and the little life that is inside of me.

God knows how grateful I am for my journey this far.
Being married for nearly a year now, with all the adventures, irreplaceable experiences, the roller coaster of emotions, immeasurable love and blissful memories that now shape my life and my everything we can finally say, we actually have created our own!

Appreciate post to daddio-
I love you , I deeply thank you for loving me despite my countless flaws, putting up with my crazy, sharing your life and your everything with me.
My gratitude is immeasurable.

There’s a little heart beating inside of me!

Β₯ Today’s Mantra Β₯
” My Blessings are endless, I accept everything, expect anything and love my life endlessly.”

So be ready for a little baby twist in my posts, pregnancy workouts, methods of meditation, our journey should be rather exciting if I don’t say myself..


Thank you

Jade Mahe πŸ’•πŸΌ


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