Me Motivation – MyViews


Me….this here is me, nearly 10kgs lighter, currently I sit on average of 68-70kgs, yes, weight fluctuates and what you see on that scale is no justification of what you’ve been doing to some extend.

Yes Sir – I’ve gone up a dress size and my booty and thighs have  become thicker.

I love me thicker And I’m more confident then ever.

JViews -Get off the scales, obsession over numbers is a HUGE No No In my opinion.

In saying that – do whatever motivates and remind yourself you stared this for a reason, look at how far you’ve come.

{ #loveyourself no matter what }

Next three months, I WILL – GOAL.

Power lifting comp

  • 145kg – DL & squat
  • 70kg Bench , Power Clean and Press.

Work with me!

“Be strong because the truth is we’re all Beyond.”

Thanking you – Me Jadeee



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