Jades First blog post – Fitness Journey, finding me.

INBA Natural body building Competition 2015


This photo represents many aspects of my fitness journey, if fact my life, everything that I thought I wasn’t or could never be… Ask your self who are you actually trying to be… That is what this made me realise.

A chapter in my life where I found part of myself, asking myself……

WHY the heck are you trying to be something or someone? Cant you just be you?!

That is what I see in this photo in one aspect, then I also seen a woman with a goal, drive and focus to do the unthinkable to meet my own requirements to prove how easy it is to do what was thought unattainable.

The girl at the beach with her friends in bikinis while she wore shorts and a shirt to hide what I thought wasn’t up to society’s standard, ask me now why I cared so much, I honestly couldn’t tell you guys. Why dose that ever matter really?

Me and my insecurities, my own expectations of what I should be, my mental status which is far beyond anyone’s knowledge or yet my own, but that my friends is what it is all about, you knowing you, finding you, giving yourself the benefit of the doubt.

I struggle everyday, truth is we all do to some extent and its alright it is actually just fine that way it is, it was inevitable to be were you are today, we create ever scenario in our head based on our own visions that results in this here thing we call life.

Now ain’t that amazing!

Live in the now, make the best out of the worst situations in your life.

Remember if you want to achieve something, if you have that image inside your mind, the taste that goes beyond your tongue right through to your soul… ITS YOURS!





LIVE. LOVE. With passion, so deep it hurts.

I don’t need to make sense to you, take what you will and move forward.

Food posts, most things fitness and blogs from me and mine.

First blog ever…over and done…

Overly passionate – Jade.


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